About us

About us

Youth Solutions Africa  (YSA)  is based in Cape Town, South Africa and is a registered Non Profit and Public Benefit Organisation.

The organisation was established in 2008 by community leader and activist John Philmon. What started out as a small feeding project for street kids and homeless youth and adults, has since grown into a much needed service provider for the City of Cape Town and the Provincial Department of Social development.


Success stories 2016/ 2017

Approximately thirty five of the homeless people who were taken off the streets by YSA, moved onto independent living and six were reunited with their families.

We successfully provided skills training to more than two hundred youth in conflict with the law, this was done in conjunction with the community courts and the Provincial Department of Social development.

Seventeen youth were placed in drug rehab.

Forty two people from our shelter were assisted to find permanent employment.

With the help of our networking partners we were able to build four more rooms at the shelter to accommodate a further eighteen homeless people.

Two new showers and two toilets were built.

Most of the handyman work around the shelter are being done by the people who live in the shelter.

(Short story)

Mr X was a young man of twenty six years old who was living on the streets. He was addicted to drugs and was rejected by his family because of repeatedly stealing their stuff. One day someone told him about YSA and after much hesitation and being on the streets for almost a year, he decided to give the shelter a try. It wasn’t easy for him to fit in and to adhere to the shelter rules but he stuck it out and joined the rehab programs. After a few difficult months he was clean and totally off the drugs, he started playing soccer again which helped him to stop the habit of smoking cigarettes as well. He reached the point where we could trust him with some responsibilities in the organisation. Mr X found a job and first bought himself a bicycle and then a scooter then a car and after about two years he moved out of the shelter into his own flat. He visits the shelter and encourages other people are in the same struggle as he was.