Annual Winter Program

It is estimated by the Department of Social Development and Early Childhood Development Directorate ( October 2016 ), that there are approximately seven thousand homeless people living on the streets of the City Centre of Cape Town and surrounding areas. The limited shelter beds in the City and the fact that it’s full to capacity most of the time brings a huge challenge especially during winter times.

Hence we at YSA decided to open our doors during winter and put to mattresses in the open spaces on the floor of our shelter for the homeless occupy. Thanks to our networking partners, religious organizations and members of the public who assisted us. We were able to accommodate an additional forty two men an women on our winter program this year.

We provide them with a mattress, bed sheets, blankets, toiletries, a hot shower, clothing (if available) and at least two meals per day. The program runs from 1st June to the 30 September.

This is a much needed but very costly program and we would like to invite corporate businesses and individuals to partner with with this event.