School feeding

School feeding

Growing up in a township area on the Cape Flats under difficult circumstances, I understand very well the uneasiness of sitting in class with a stomach growling of hunger and how difficult it was to concentrate.

In my memory, I can still hear the welcoming sound of the truck, delivering soup and bread driving into our school yard and how happy all of us became. Two slices of brown bread and a cup of soup; milk and bread every Friday was to us like a kings meal. To many of the learners this was the first meal for the day.

J Philmon (Director)

” You cannot teach a hungry child ”

Our school feeding program serve up-to eight hundred meals per day to learners from two different townships including one school in the area.

The program doesn’t only consist of food distribution but also assist the most needy kids with school uniforms, stationary and counselling.

This program is totally dependent on donations

“Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to conquer the world” – Nelson Mandela