Early Childhood Development Programme – Philippi Township

Early Childhood Development Programme – Philippi Township

This township community called “Jim se bos ” ( Jim’s forest) is situated in the farming areas of Phillipi. This informal settlement consists of wood & iron shacks with an unemployment rate of approximately 60 %.

This area has no electricity, no roads in between the houses, ten outside water taps for approximately 8000 residents and is still making use of the bucket toilet system. Children in this township are faced with many challenges and has witnessed things that no child of their age should see.

Education levels amongst adults are very low and most children drop out of school at a very young age for more then one reason. We endeavor to bring hope to children through education hence we established a kindergarden in the area. Our purpose is to equip and prepare the kids for school inspite of all their challenges.

We believe that education is one of the keys which can open a door for them to a brighter future. We need a lot of help and assistance in Making this kindergarten fully operational and wish to extend an invitation to public and businesses to partner with us in this venture.